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who we are

We are a parenting blog that works as a parent companion, an experienced friend to walk you through the curvy lanes of parenthood.
Being a parent is equally tough as it is beautiful, we thus hold your finger and help you make informed parenting decisions.
The most beautiful thing in your life requires utmost care and we help you ensuring a world of happiness for them.
We come with a range of articles that encompass all dimensions of parenting and help you take good care of your creation.
Our research is driven by the idea that every bay deserves nothing but the best and while we are well equipped with age old advice and experience of our elders, new research must make it to the closet to ensure the best of all worlds for the new life.
We take up mommy care as well as baby care as the driving theme for our topics to make sure that happy relationships begin happy.

Why Choose US

  • Our philosophy:
    Happy kids are raised by happy parents

  • Our objective:
    To make parenting worthwhile

  • Our initiatives:
    If you have some parenting advice or tips that could help others, drop us a line and we will be glad to have an ecosystem of parents sharing best practices with each other.
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